Exotic trade winds are constantly blowing through the Serrahna boutique. Fabulous new fashions are indeed frequently arriving at Serrahna.

Due to the hand-worked nature of Andrea Serrahn’s unique designs, the apparel is made in small batches by artisans in India and shipped progressively to the shop as it is completed.

Our customers tell us they relish the excitement of their visits to Serrahna, because our fashions are constantly changing, not just seasonally, but weekly!

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about these global fashions. It’s not unusual for our customers to have the opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces from our collection, such as our dramatically  pieced sweaters, ornately embroidered jackets, lovely hand dyed scarves and other fashion masterpieces.

For a sneak preview at some of our latest fashions, click on the categories featured here. Or, if you’re looking for something in a particular color, size or style, please call us and we can check to see what has just blown in!

Wanting to always have fun, colorful, & stylish clothes as a child, Mom insisted I stitch my dream wardrobe myself.  I even earned my first Girlscouts merit badge in sewing! Nowadays I commute halfway around the world to India to find my favorite fabrics. And I never tire of this endless exploration!

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  1. Serrahna-Arabian Nights June 2010

  2. Currylicious Fashion Show November 2009

  3. Currylicious Fashion Show May 2009

  4. Tanjia Fashion Show April 2009

  5. Ritz Carlton November 2008

  6. Garibaldi’s October 2008

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