Featured Customer

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Madam Maharani C. Rose

A splendid woman indeed.  Colors were invented for her!  She's as fun as she appears to be, and knows how to wow a crowd with her dynamic smile & personality to match. Our fabulous friend lights up any room when she enters...twinkling, sparkling, as the rightful star that she is.  An Indian Maharani in her former life, she resonates with all that glitters.  If she's not in India, she's here at Serrahna dreaming up her next ensemble.    A day doesn't go by without C. wearing her layers of silky corals, oranges & peaches, shawls made for the queen, and her very own gem stone creations of pearls & tourmeline strung around her neck.  We all look forward to seeing see prance on in, or visiting her at Casa Orinda, where she continues to wow her admirers.  She mesmerizes us and anyone else who may get to meet her. We love you C.!