Let your DIVINE shine bright in our Durga Deity Collection. Durga is on the most beloved and revered Indian divinities as she is associated with protection, strength, and motherhood. When Durga is depicted as riding a tiger she possesses unlimited power and uses it to protect virtue and destroy evil. The world need more Divine forces of positive energy!

Sterling silver 24K plate Durga pendant strung on a medley of maroon and brass beads: brass capped red resin beads, vintage hand faceted maroon Bohemian glass beads, hand crocheted seed beaded balls, brass buddha heads and trident chain with onyx. Necklace measures 23″, pendant 1.5″;

Garnet berry ball pendant with sterling silver 24K gold plated Durga pendant and chain. Necklace measures 20″; berry ball and pendant measures 2″;

24K gold plated sterling silver Durga pendant and garnet berry ball earrings. Measures 2.5″ with french hook.

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