The word Navaratri means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit; nava means nine and ratri means night. The Goddess Durga, with Her nine different forms, gets invoked during the divine nine nights. Her caring nature places the planets in our birth chart, all of which are represented in this powerful pendant by the colors of the gemstones. This Navaratri pendant and the corresponding colors/planets are as follows: Cat’s Eye represents the sun, CZ the moon, coral is Mars, tanzanite Mercury, yellow onyx is the benevolent big boy Jupiter, green agate is for Venus, black onyx is for father time aka Saturn, ruby represents Rahu, and lastly turquoise is for Ketu. Beautiful 24k gold plated repoussé scrollwork is on the backside of pendant. This power piece hangs from gorgeous golden hued faceted pearls with hand painted 24K gold plated bling beads. A corn silk colored tassel punctuates this beautiful celebration of a neckpiece. This necklace has a fully adjustable cord and measures 54″ to 32″.

Gorgeous CZ center with faceted rose quartz and emerald earrings with same silken corn tassels and 24K gold plate repoussé scrollwork make this a divine pairing.