It’s easy to imagine Frida Kahlo in jewelry like this. The earrings are 925 sterling silver, with a center bird curved into a paisley shape. Surrounded by petals of pointed silver, they dangle from a flower shaped post with granules of silver dots.

On the necklace are amazing Nigerian coin silver saucer-shaped beads that are hollow and very light. Crystal, jet, African banded wood and Tibetan beads make up the rest of this multi-cultural statement necklace. The focal point is a silver-plated large banded bead that quite possibly could be a napkin ring!

Traditionally, African jewelry has been used to adorn necks, ears, arms, legs, toes, hair and waists and can be pierced, strapped or sewn on. Beaded African jewelry often expresses as much information as is written or spoken.  It is described as having its own language and much is said to be derived about history, culture and status. 

What does your jewelry say about you?