Rajasthani Silver Bracelet Collection

We are honored and elated to share our Tribal Band of Bangles collection with you.

The majority of finely detailed silver ‘spike’ design tribal bangles hail from Rajasthan, India. Spiked bracelets have been worn for centuries throughout much of India, Central Asia, and Northern Africa. Some say dancers wore them to ward off overly enthusiastic admirers. While others say the farming women of the villages would ward off the unwanted attention from men.

Well, we know for a fact that some of the finest sterling silver jewelry in the world is created by the incredible artisans of Rajasthan, India.

The Tribal Jewelry of rural India is ruggedly designed and sturdily constructed so as to withstand the rough onslaughts of daily life. Styles vary widely from tribe to tribe. Old pieces that have been passed down for generations never leave the family of origin. Each piece is entirely unique and a rare historical artifact made by village craftsmen with an extraordinary level of care and skill.

The distinguished Rajasthani silver work is respected throughout the world. Some of the finest sterling silver jewelry on the globe is made by the artisans of Rajasthan, India. The massive attention to detail executed by the metal artisans is quickly becoming an applied art of the past, unfortunately. Many of the metal smiths are leaving the trade and going into the tech industries, making the likes of these impressive bangles hard to find.

We are incredibly fortunate to have these stunning Tribal Band of Bangles in our care. Now, feast your eyes on these bodacious beauties!