Bold Textile and Adornments

Exquisite hand-embroidered shawl paired with bold cinnabar pendant and contemporary topaz bracelet. And did we mention our Fleur Von Tigris boots?

In this collection:

  • The Atomic Topaz Bracelet is seriously out of this world, but oh-so-light to wear. The architecture of this piece is stunning and stylish, sure to add an oomph to all of your outfits.
  • Exquisite hand-embroidered vintage masterpiece. Revel in the glory of this AMAZING Kohistani Wedding Shawl!
  • A little girl’s dress-up dreams come true in the form of our latest FIRECAT production. I’m thrilled to introduce the Fleur Von Tigris, my panther in crime, Norma Wood’s, very first solo boot design.