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  • Kohistani wedding shawl exquisite embroidery master hand embroidery Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaHuge cinnabar natural pearl pendant necklace lightweight neck piece Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Tribal goes West!

    Exquisite hand-embroidered shawl paired with bold cinnabar pendant and contemporary topaz bracelet. And did we mention our Fleur Von Tigris boots?

  • Kohistani wedding shawl exquisite embroidery master hand embroidery Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaKohistani wedding shawl exquisite embroidery master hand embroidery Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Exquisite hand-embroidered vintage masterpiece. Revel in the glory of this AMAZING Kohistani Wedding Shawl!

    Feast your eyes on this work of art. This is a woman’s wedding shawl from Kohistan, which is a region in Pakistan. This intricately embroidered textile is embellished to the gills with fringe, coins, amulets and tons of embroidered motifs that are an auspicious emblem to the Kohistani culture.

    The fine floss silk embroidery is executed by a counted stitch technique that is celebrated for its unimaginable precision. The entrancing embroidery is on a black cotton textile. The decorative motifs are created with vibrant rich threads in royal reds, electric blues, and luscious lime, along with a myriad of other gorgeous colors. The colors really stand out off of the black cotton.

    This large rectangular shawl is decorated with embroidery and embellished with key chains, mirrors, buttons, zippers and other utilitarian items used for decorative purposes.

    We are honored to showcase this incredible Kohistani Wedding Shawl. We know you will be equally wowed.  It is large enough for a bed cover, wall hanging, let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.





  • Grandeur galore kimono flame-tipped collar Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaGrandeur galore kimono flame-tipped collar Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Grandeur Galore: Kimono and Flame-tipped Collar. Our take on the roaring 20’s in this gorgeous 3rd-millenium-20’s-outfit. We are gaga over our silk crepe georgette deluxe kimono, aka The Zelda. The levels of intricacy and detail in the print would have Mrs. Fitzgerld all agasp, or  shall we say A-Gatsby’d! The sumptuous and soft rust print with deep forest green leaves and elegant emerald raw silk lapel/sleeve trim is a real wow. The back is equally as fabulous as the front but with more cream colored space highlighting the magnificent mirrored mandala.The stunning mirror work is all hand embroidered and flashes front to back and all over the sleeves. It’s got a single button closure with a crystal button.  A stunning addition to your wardrobe! In a relaxed size S/M, with a 46″ chest measurement.

    The ultra soft flame tip mangüt fur collar is the perfect addition for our Zelda Kimono, as well as all of your jackets, coats and sweaters! Satin lined back allows you to pin it to the outfit of your choice.  Andrea is wearing the Forest Green with Flame Tip, full of volume and oh-so-luxurious and soft, has sold but be sure to check other collars below that are equally fitting and fabulous.  Measures 34″ x 4″.

    See other Mangüt collar options below.

  • Green silk copper embroidered shawl green modal kimono Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaGreen silk copper embroidered shawl green modal kimono Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Soft greens and gold, colors of the forest nymphs – it’s a winning blend of easy-on-the-eye colors. The hand-embroidered shawl is light green silk with an overlay of copper embroidered tulle, and is ethereally lovely. It has hand-crocheted and beaded tassels at each corner. Measuring 84″ L and 22″ W, it is one of a kind. The cotton/modal kimono in a moss green hand-blocked print is an easy piece for lightweight layering. In a Sm/Med, the chest measures 48″, generously sized. The Roman sea glass necklace is cross-referenced below; the smaller ring is a cabochon tourmaline surrounded by a halo of tiny clear crystal CZ stones. Size 6.5.



  • Silk pink kurti beaded tulle shawl hand painted Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaSilk pink kurti beaded tulle shawl hand painted Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    No guns, but lots of roses – black and pink is a rocker chic combination we love! The top: a pink silk hand-embroidered kurti, light and easy over leggings. The wrap: vintage black sheer crepe and tulle that’s been hand-painted with flowers, hand-embroidered, sequined and mirrored – all the crafty things in one wrap! 42″ x 70″ long. Kurti is a size Med, 44″ chest measurement. The only one we have in this color!

    These hues remind us of Paris, 1950’s poodle skirts, the circus – upbeat with a bit of an edge. With this outfit we’ve added our Diana, Goddess of the Moon necklace and the Arabesque earrings (cross-listed below). Also styled with a Turkish black jet faceted bead bracelet, with a square gold-plated bronze center medallion/clasp. It’s set with a large lime CZ, pearls and turquoise.

  • Burgundy ruby red teal turquoise mongolian lamb Ikat jacket Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaBurgundy ruby red teal turquoise mongolian lamb Ikat jacket Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Two bold colors that balance each other perfectly, red and turquoise, burgundy and teal – we love it and wear it whenever we need a pick-me-up!  Lola is feeling perky in this red merino wool shawl; a hand-spun, hand-loomed, hand-dyed, and even hand-embroidered beauty with a silk-rayon thread that gives it a little sheen. Topped with a Mongolian lamb collar, this combination makes any winter day better.

    We’ve styled it with a stunner of a necklace: a vintage (40 years old) Afghan pendant in a fleur-de-lis shape, set with a ruby colored glass oval and tiny turquoise stones. Brass bell-like dangles are suspended from the tips. Strung with red tubular resin beads, brass hexagon spacers, carved turquoise resin and more red glass and brass beads, it’s finished with a large fish hook clasp set with tiny coral beads.   29″ in length, plus the pendant – check the photos for pendant size!  One of a kind, for sure!

    The wire hook earrings are Turkish gold-plated brass repoussé squares, with turquoise cabochons set at the top in a flower motif, turquoise oval dangles and a large faceted ruby at center.  Pendant is nearly 3″ long, including the dangle.

  • Hand-embroidered silk masterpiece shawl cotton lining tassels Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaHand-embroidered silk masterpiece shawl cotton lining tassels Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The most notable feature is the unusual pattern, which at first glance might seem like a print. Look closer…it’s all hand-embroidered in tiny stitches, in shades of coral, periwinkle/slate and deep wine, in interlocked pinwheels and diamond shapes. A masterpiece of embroidery on ecru silk, lined in periwinkle/slate cotton, it has hand-crocheted and beaded tassels at each corner. Suitable as a wrap for you, a drape for your bed, or a decorative hanging on your wall. 40″ by 90″, it’s the only one we’ve got! Don’t let this one slip away…

  • Silk shawl hand printed cotton kurti Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaSilk shawl hand printed cotton kurti Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    This red/grey/tan color combination packs a soft power punch. Featuring a OOAK embroidered cotton kurti paired with a Ghicha silk shawl. This ruby red kurti is hand-loomed in South India, hand-embroidered in the North, and tailored by us somewhere in between! Embroidery is on both front, back and sleeves; this special top has a metallic gold border. Size L, 48″ chest.

    Ghicha in its natural state is a light golden brown shade with an uneven and slubby texture. Our shawl is hand-printed, ombré dyed in taupe, tan and blue-grey, with a soft red “florametric” print, and measures 36″ wide by 93″.

  • Red black tassles patchwork opera shawl Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaRed black tassles patchwork opera shawl Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Talk about DRAMA! This amazing shawl is worthy of an operatic stage. Gorgeous red and black hand-printed cotton squares assembled into a matrix of exotic beauty. This shawl is lined with black georgette with rich red tassles and black hand crocheted sequin orbs grace all four corners. OOAK.

    Shawl measures 90″L x 23″ W, handmade tassles measure 5″ including the black beaded and hand crocheted orbs at each corner. $136.

  • Queensize cashmere shawl paisley floral motif romantic spring palette shades of soft pink teal red cool cream color Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Playful paisley, feminine, flirty, rich weave cashmere queen size shawl. Luxuriously soft and sumptuous cashmere for days! You’ll want to live in this romantic spring palette of luscious pinks, ranging from raspberry to coral, atop a cool cream base with a medley of teal and dreamy pink paisley and floral motifs. When you can break away from wearing this amazing shawl you can enjoy it as a throw for your favorite reading nook. So very soft and warm.

    Measures 44″ x 82″. Fine cashmere weave.


  • wool silk shawls embroidered metallic sequin bling Andrea Serrahn Serrahnawool silk shawls embroidered metallic sequin bling Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Zardozi is an elaborate embroidery technique, originally from Persia. The name is derived from zar or zarin meaning ‘gold’, and dozi meaning sewing. The skilled zardozi craftsmanship traveled to the Indian subcontinent between 1500 and 1200 BC. Intricate designs are created by using gold and silver threads on a fabric base. Fortunately, the resurgence in the zardozi technique has made it back into popular culture. Our gorgeous zardozi shawls are sewn onto a pure cashmere base, couched with metallic threads of soft gold, red and green bugle beads. Luxurious threads, indeed!

    Choose from black, teal and cream pure cashmere shawl base. Measures 28″ x 80″.

  • Ajrakh shawl Palazzo pantAndrea Serrahn SerrahnaPalazzo pant mirror work Andrea Serrahn Serrahna - 31 % Off

    Ajrakh and Palazzo are perfect together! Ajrakh style printing originated from the Sindh region of Pakistan. It later influenced fabric artists in Kutch, Gujarat and then in Rajasthan. Its history can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of the Indus valley, from around 2500 B.C. to 1500 B.C. This beautiful Ajrakh shawl is a luscious modal and silk blend, with a subtle sheen. Hand block printed with a wonderful drape, it has the feel of soft silk.

    Palazzo pants in rayon: so comfortable and fun to wear! These have an elastic waist and the added attraction of mirror work that shimmers as you walk. This is our last pair, in navy blue.