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  • Tribal embroidery hat hand loomed hand woven Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTribal embroidery hat hand loomed hand woven Andrea Serrahn Serrahna -25% Off

    Why not be a tribal mad hatter? This hand-loomed and hand-dyed jaunty cotton chapeau keeps ears warm and brings on lots of compliments. Rooster feathers adorn the crown along with a tribal patch of hand-embroidered beauty. The brim can be worn as is or pinned up for a different look. There’s only one – get it while you can! Considered a size Medium, the circumference is 22.5″.

  • Bandhani masterpiece shawlBandhani masterpiece shawl ombre deep violet to eggplant black tassels Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    This exceptional hand tied and dyed deep violet to aubergine ombre satin silk shawl is made for the queen in all of us. Each tiny textured dot, which number in the thousands, is hand tied with a fine thread during various stages of the dying process. Trimmed with satin edging and finished on all 4 corners with hand crochet balls & silk tassels, this piece is of masterpiece quality. Measures 44″ x 88″.

  • Ajrakh print hand printed ogee silk modal shawl mirror work Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaAjrakh print hand printed ogee silk modal shawl mirror work Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Ajrakh style printing originated from the Sindh region of Pakistan, and later influenced fabric artists in Kutch of Gujarat and then in Rajasthan. Its history can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of the Indus valley, from around 2500 B.C. to 1500 B.C. The Ajrakh shawls are a luscious modal and silk blend, with a beautiful sheen. Hand block printed and hand-embroidered, they have hundreds of tiny mirrors stitched into place. A generous swath of fabric, these shawls measure 38″ wide by 90″ long.

  • Handloomed cotton individually hand-wrapped tassel scarf stole tribal chic Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    We are crazy about these hand-loomed shawls of the softest, coolest cotton, with fun, eye-catching hand-wrapped fringe edging. Pick your color story and get all wrapped up! Measures 80″ x 24″.

  • Masterpiece shawl plum pink periwinkle peach Arabesque jacket Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaMasterpiece shawl plum pink periwinkle peach Arabesque jacket Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Even soft Summers need Fall clothes in their colors! These periwinkle, peach, plum and deep pink hues captivate with a magical quality. Check out the masterpiece hand-loomed shawl of softest cotton, with hand-wrapped fringe edging. The Arabesque jacket is quilted cotton from vintage saris, easy to pair with jeans or skirts and a lightweight layer of warmth for the early fall season.

  • Bandhani silk shawl crocheted tassels plum turquoise Andrea Serrahn SerrahnBandhani silk shawl crocheted tassels plum turquoise Andrea Serrahn Serrahn

    A trifecta of plum perfection!

    1. Sequined embroidered mesh jacket with basic blazer cut, soft structure, major ease with gorgeous plum coral motif, size S and L available;
    2. Masterpiece bandhani shawl with hand crocheted balls and tassels on all 4 corners. Royal raspberry plum and vibrant turquoise with curried dots. Shawl measures 84″ x 42″, 5″ hand crocheted balls and tassel;
    3. Hand carved tribal wooden button neckpiece, The Floralopolis. A OOAK masterpiece design by Neelam Khatri. Plum wooden buttons and hand crocheted ranunculus flower atop soft gold and teal cord. Adjustable necklace 13″-56″ tie cord with tassels.
  • Vintage beaded shawl tussah silk jacket crush skirt tourmaline Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaVintage beaded shawl tussah silk jacket crush skirt tourmaline Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Let these beautiful shades be YOUR extra “raison d’être” as we move into late summer-early fall. Plum, light coral, port-wine, raisin and shaded apricot blend together in unusual harmony.

    1. The silk tussah jacket is OOAK, hand-embroidered and hand-dyed, in a size S/M (42″ chest). Lined in a soft floral print, this jacket features a single button closure, raw silk collar, band and cuffs, and fine hand-embroidery with beads on the cuffs and hem. With a slightly tapered waist and pockets, it’s a perfect fit for almost any occasion. Best for a “Summer” palette, and those who love copper metals will look beautiful in it as well.
    2. Heavily embellished, the rich aged-port wine bling shawl is also OOAK, and has a floral foil printed background in subtle shimmer. A beaded fringed edge and a 1920’s Deco vibe (the few stray sequins remind us that it’s vintage for sure) transport us to a bygone era.
    3. Our crush silk skirt is an easy way to dress up in an instant! In a multitude of colors, it’s a bias cut and so comfortable. Cross-referenced below.
    4. Pink tourmaline sparkles in these matte gold plated sterling silver chandeliers. Little gold circles and tourmaline ovals, with oxidized rhodium plating below the bezels, this whimsical pair are a delight to wear.
    5. Faceted rondelle garnets and nuggets of gold strung with a deity pendant, plus vintage filigree brass beads, give a true antique feel to this necklace. Chain clasp is adjustable to 34″, with a 1 5/8″ pendant drop.
    6. 24 K gold plated traditional Indian repoussé scrollwork pendant with a mother of pearl inlay at the center. Double strand of rough, irregular box cut strawberry quartz of the loveliest rosy rhubarb. Adjustable necklace measures 22″-20″. Pendant measures 3″. This piece is cross-referenced below.
    7. Tiny faceted garnets are pavé set in a hexagon of gold-plated sterling silver. Size 6, but could be adjusted by your jeweler.
    8. For a less formal look, our Whisper silk scarves are the perfect accessory. We have them in so many colors; this one is rum raisin with an old gold border. Cross referenced below.
  • Bandhini shawl gold sequin bhutis sheer wrap top labradorite Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaBandhini shawl gold sequin bhutis sheer wrap top labradorite Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The color of trust and loyalty, blue calms our spirits and assists in meditative thought. Be soothed, yet energized by these regal blues. Our deep blue Stella wrap surplice top is a sheer mesh tulle with gold sequin “buttis” (small medallions) embroidered all over. Its long sash can be tied in various ways to accentuate your waist. The silk-satin masterpiece bandhini shawl is a lightweight yet warm layer for cool evenings. The colors are so luscious: deep ocean gray-teal and periwinkle with hand-tied and dyed dots of white and gold. Each corner is decorated with a hand-crocheted and beaded tassel. 43.5″ x 85.5″.

  • Tulle circus collar dog ruff pleated embroidered trim Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTulle collar dog ruff pleated embroidered trim Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Our canine friends love to dress up too! Fancy fun tie-on collars come in varied sizes. Pleated tulle in bright colors, all with embroidered trim. Your pooch will “ruff” it! Choose from the Tulle Dot or Tulle Diamond patterns.

    I felt inspired to create these unique ruffs in my India workshop after attending Canine Circus School in Oakland. It’s at this Art School for dogs that I trained my pibble ISHA to balance multiple balls on her nose, jump through hoops, and roll out her nap time mat and play sleep. I used one of my favorite street dogs in India to model my first prototype. Aside from these lightweight ruffs, I designed and created some rather spectacular one of a kind Elizabethan ruffs as well.


  • Silk hand embroidered french knots hand crocheted tassels shawlSilk hand embroidered french knots hand crocheted tassels shawl

    A midnight blooming garden with silk hand embroidered flowers, sprouting french knots and hand crocheted tassels. Shawl measures 44″ w x 84″ L.



  • Leather Sash Belt studs black leather Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Buttery soft black leather sash belt with silver studs and fun fringe details. Wear it taut against your waist or down on your hips. 22″ with 5″ tassels.



  • Whisper scarf 100% pure silk metallic border hand knotted fringe turquoise Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaEmerald Green G whisper silk scarf Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Our Whisper silk scarves are woven from 100% pure silk which makes them whisper light and silky soft. Perfect for those who love color nuance, and need THAT “just right color”. 80 scrumptious shades all with a metallic and hand- knotted fringe tied border.

    See thumbnail for detailed color variation of the three metallic borders: old gold photographed with monkey god pendant, bold gold shown with leaf pendant, and pewter gold shown with a quarter.

    Lola is wearing the color Sleeping Beauty. AnnMerle shows off Emerald Green.