A variety of pant cuts to suit the silhouette of every modern SERRAHNA woman!

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  • Silk cotton Uzbek Ikat short coat Thai harem pants handloomed cotton nehru shirt Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaSilk cotton Uzbek Ikat short coat Thai harem pants handloomed cotton nehru shirt Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Jump into our wonderful world of color and exotic fabrics with these three serendipitously matched items! First, the Uzbek car coat made from silk and cotton fibers, in a joyful Ikat, is light, has pockets and will brighten your day with its color and pattern. Size Medium, with a 42″ chest. The hand-loomed, hand-dyed cotton Nehru-style shirt in a denim blue is tunic length and also has pockets, size XL, chest 51″. Last but definitely not least, the Thai harem pants are a hand-loomed indigo blue cotton with an unusual tribal textile panel on each leg. It looks like needlepoint but is actually woven on a loom. A textile lover’s dream! These are one size fits most, with a generous waist of 52″ that needs to be folded over and belted to your waist size. One of a kind, only at Serrahna!

  • Navy palazzo pant mirror work Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaPalazzo pant mirror work Andrea Serrahn Serrahna - 31 % Off

    Ajrakh style printing originated from the Sindh region of Pakistan, and later influenced fabric artists in Kutch of Gujarat and then in Rajasthan. Its history can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of the Indus valley, from around 2500 B.C. to 1500 B.C. This beautiful Ajrakh shawl is a luscious modal and silk blend, with a subtle sheen. Hand block printed with a wonderful drape, it has the feel of soft silk. It is 95″ long, 45″W.

    Palazzo pants in rayon: so comfortable, fun to wear, and these have the added attraction of mirror work that shimmers as you walk. This is our last pair, in navy blue, one size fits most.

  • Ajrakh jacket embellished leggings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaAjrakh jacket embellished leggings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Start your New Year right with a stunning ensemble in black and gold! Our hand-printed modal silk Float Coat is Ajrakh style block printing in traditional black, indigo and burgundy colors. It has 3/4 sleeves, pockets, and is covered with hand embroidered mirror work. The bronze metallic border adds a luxe touch. Paired with our cotton twill stretch leggings, it’s a perfect New Year’s Eve celebration combo! The leggings are embellished with a soft gold regal embroidery. Both items are in the store now, in size medium.

  • Pantaloon cotton billowy pants gold embroidery Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Why just pant when you can pantaloon? Our multitiered, billowing cotton pantaloons look like a skirt or dress with all the cowgirl versatility of a pant. Light, floating cotton tiers with gold soutash cord embroidery and sequins. The elasticized waist measures 26″ relaxed and 48″ stretched. Choose your color option of natural cream color, emerald green, and imperial yellow.

  • Silk embroidered kurti periwinkle grey gold polka dots surplice wrap top cotton bling pants Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Alluring, romantic, shimmering, sparkling are words that describe our iridescent ensemble comprised of three irresistible separates:

    1. Soft pure silk kurti with subtle iridescent periwinkle grey. Size Medium 44″ chest.
    2. Metallic trim straight leg pant in an incredibly soft periwinkle blue grey cotton. Size Medium.
    3. Stella wrap surplice made of soft tulle embroidered with soft, small golden polka dots. Wrap can be worn in front, side or back. S/M, M, XL

    You will love the soft, alluring iridescence of these pieces. You will glimmer and shine from every angle just like a summer rainbow. A fun fact about the word iridescent:

    Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, took messages from Mount Olympus to earth, and from gods to mortals or other gods, using the rainbow as her stairway. Iridescence is thus the glowing, shifting, colorful quality of a rainbow, also seen in an opal, a light oil slick, a butterfly wing, or the mother-of-pearl that lines an oyster shell.

  • Upcycled crossover vest upcycled cashmere vest pockets silk trim green vest Andrea Serrahn Serrahna - 23 % Off

    You will love our laid-back casual cotton Francy pant. They have a high-low cut, cropped if you have long legs, with a cool, fun herring bone cotton print pattern. Light, easy drape cut. Available in Ivy/green, coral/red, taupe/grey, summer blue. Elastic waist, front pockets. Perfect with sandals or boots. Available in XS, S, M, and L. Hand or machine wash cool. Promptly remove and hang or machine dry.

  • Cotton ikat full palazzo pant Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    IKAT cotton palazzo pants. Slits in back of ankle so you can knot them to billow like a harem pant or wear them full-on palazzo style. Configure to your desired style of the day. Zip & drawstring closure w/ button waist for comfort and adjustability. $108. See thumbnails for color and size options. 100% cotton, so will shrink accordingly. Wash cool, line dry.




  • Quilted cotton Arabesque Jacket Ikat print pocket SALWAR pant Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaHand dyed silk bandhani duster ombre shades of desert sand rust merlot Andrea Serrahn Serrahn

    IKAT print pocket SALWAR pants. Built with a smooth waist panel, elastic pull-on and pleats at the hips. $106 Machine wash cool. Hang to dry.







  • Leopard stretch flare pant. Med-Large. Super soft synthetic, machine washable cool.Hand loomed grey cotton with a beautiful floral hand printed lining reversible Mrs Robinson Coat Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Leopard stretch flare pant. Med-Large. Super soft synthetic, machine washable cool.


  • Roni Pant pure cotton hand-dyed stretch waistband billowy leg tapered graphic harem pant architectural hand-printed Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Cotton stripe Roni Pant. Choose your pick from a patchwork of handprinted Stripes. Pure cotton, harem drape, elastic waist, front pockets and stovepipe ankle with an architectural design. Perfect with sandals or boots. Sizes X-small to X-large. Hand or machine wash cool. Promptly remove and hang or machine dry.