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  • Sterling silver rings light blue green gemstones Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaSterling silver rings light blue green gemstones Andrea Serrahn Serrahna New

    A heavenly combo: Cabochons in light blue larimar, ocean green fuchsite with ruby; coral, mother-of-pearl – all encased in sterling silver and looking beautiful together or singly. Find your perfect sky blue match!

    1. Large teardrop composite Larimar with oxidized silver scallop edge, size 7.5
    2. Small teardrop Larimar with silver scallop edge, size 10.
    3. Ruby in Fuchsite large teardrop with bronze accents, size 6
    4. Square Larimar with notched and zigzag silver setting, size 8
    5. Small oval Larimar with simple setting, size 9
    6. Large oval Larimar with elaborate silver edging, size 8
    7. Small square larimar surrounded by coral points and mother-of-pearl rounds, size 6
  • Large statement turquoise brass rings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaLarge statement turquoise brass rings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The more turquoise you wear, the more clarity and inner calm you will feel. If you’re wearing a powerful talisman like our mammoth rings, all the better! Adjustable rings are festooned with brass decoration, both gold and copper toned along with white brass. Tune in to the ancient energy of turquoise which is ruled by Jupiter. Wear your ring on your index finger for prime benefits!

  • Turquoise amazonite brass statement rings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTurquoise amazonite brass statement rings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    You won’t be singing the blues when wearing one of these gorgeous blue semi-precious stone rings! Two are turquoise, one is amazonite, and all are intricately made from copper, brass, and white brass with a single large stone. They are adjustable, big, bold and beautiful!

  • Amber resin copal brass statement rings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaAmber resin copal brass statement rings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Created by Turkish artisans, these LARGE and lovely pressed amber resin beauties are set in brass with bronze and white brass decorations. Adjustable, lightweight for their impressive size, and sure to make a statement at  your next soirée!

  • Masterpiece shawl plum pink periwinkle peach Arabesque jacket Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaMasterpiece shawl plum pink periwinkle peach Arabesque jacket Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Even soft Summers need Fall clothes in their colors! These periwinkle, peach, plum and deep pink hues captivate with a magical quality. Check out the masterpiece hand-loomed shawl of softest cotton, with hand-wrapped fringe edging. The Arabesque jacket is quilted cotton from vintage saris, easy to pair with jeans or skirts and a lightweight layer of warmth for the early fall season.

  • Turquoise beads buttons earrings cuff ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Explore our captivating collection of turquoise. Turquoise is a gemstone that has been revered and treasured throughout the ages. The ancients believed in its profound power to protect, as well as its tranquil energy and representation of wisdom, good fortune and hope. We worship at the alter of Turquoise and bask in its alluring attributes and incredible color. Here are a few offerings for you:

    1. Beautiful hand beaded turquoise necklace with vintage Indian wooden button and a turquoise tassel. Lightweight. Necklace measures 25″. Wooden button 3″. Turquoise tassel is 4″.
    2. Turquoise Treasure: large floral portrait ring of smoky quartz and rough cut turquoise. Size 9, set in German silver. Measures 2 5/8″ x 2′. Check the cross listing below to purchase this ring.
    3. This dark and lustrous spinel ring is adjustable, with a white brass setting, faceted spinel. Choose oval or rectangle. Check the cross listing below to purchase this ring.
    4. Beautiful turquoise ring in 925 sterling silver Aztec setting, size 8.
    5. Square vintage 925 silver turquoise color enamel earrings. 2″ long. Lightweight, silver hook.
    6. Trapezoid 925 silver turquoise color enamel earrings. 2″ long. Lightweight, silver hook.
    7. Silver gold plated cuff with 7 teardrop turquoise, fits most wrists.
    8. Gold plated silver turquoise turtle topper earrings with black/grey sodalite discs. Post back, measures 3″.  SOLD
  • Vintage beaded shawl tussah silk jacket crush skirt tourmaline Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaVintage beaded shawl tussah silk jacket crush skirt tourmaline Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Let these beautiful shades be YOUR extra “raison d’être” as we move into late summer-early fall. Plum, light coral, port-wine, raisin and shaded apricot blend together in unusual harmony.

    1. The silk tussah jacket is OOAK, hand-embroidered and hand-dyed, in a size S/M (42″ chest). Lined in a soft floral print, this jacket features a single button closure, raw silk collar, band and cuffs, and fine hand-embroidery with beads on the cuffs and hem. With a slightly tapered waist and pockets, it’s a perfect fit for almost any occasion. Best for a “Summer” palette, and those who love copper metals will look beautiful in it as well.
    2. Heavily embellished, the rich aged-port wine bling shawl is also OOAK, and has a floral foil printed background in subtle shimmer. A beaded fringed edge and a 1920’s Deco vibe (the few stray sequins remind us that it’s vintage for sure) transport us to a bygone era.
    3. Our crush silk skirt is an easy way to dress up in an instant! In a multitude of colors, it’s a bias cut and so comfortable. Cross-referenced below.
    4. Pink tourmaline sparkles in these matte gold plated sterling silver chandeliers. Little gold circles and tourmaline ovals, with oxidized rhodium plating below the bezels, this whimsical pair are a delight to wear.
    5. Faceted rondelle garnets and nuggets of gold strung with a deity pendant, plus vintage filigree brass beads, give a true antique feel to this necklace. Chain clasp is adjustable to 34″, with a 1 5/8″ pendant drop.
    6. 24 K gold plated traditional Indian repoussé scrollwork pendant with a mother of pearl inlay at the center. Double strand of rough, irregular box cut strawberry quartz of the loveliest rosy rhubarb. Adjustable necklace measures 22″-20″. Pendant measures 3″. This piece is cross-referenced below.
    7. Tiny faceted garnets are pavé set in a hexagon of gold-plated sterling silver. Size 6, but could be adjusted by your jeweler.
    8. For a less formal look, our Whisper silk scarves are the perfect accessory. We have them in so many colors; this one is rum raisin with an old gold border. Cross referenced below.
  • Le Mullet coat floral motif ruby earrings hamsa necklace Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaLe Mullet coat floral motif ruby earrings hamsa necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    A floaty vision in plum-purple-aubergine! The Le Mullet is OOAK, and so versatile. Beach cover up, topper for a glamorous sheath cocktail dress, or even with jeans for lunch with your best friends. We paired it with off-white and these special jewelry pieces – a winning combination!

    1. Amethyst and Ruby flower ring. Not your garden-variety flower, this incredible ring has a center faceted amethyst stone surrounded by faceted oval rubies set in Tibetan silver. Size 7.5
    2. Tibetan Silver and Ruby Shield earrings are perfect: in size, in weight, in balance of delicacy and boldness. The oval faceted rubies sparkle; the repouseé silver adds grace and a folkloric feel.
    3. Zultanite is mined in Turkey’s remote Anatolian Mountains, 4,000 feet above sea level. Zultanite changes color in different lighting situations. Our beautifully cut stone is set in oxidized silver with brass prongs and embellishments. Size 7.
  • Coral pomegranate chunky jewelry dirty pearls enamel cuff Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaCoral pomegranate chunky jewelry dirty pearls enamel cuff Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Pictured with our Keriya jacket, these impressive adornments are certain to become your favorite way to feel exotic and artistic. All are unique and some are one of a kind.

    1. The gem-studded Turkish bangle is gold-plated repoussé brass. Ovals of coral and turquoise decorate the black enameled details. This one is a black and gold stunner.
    2. An amazing natural red coral branch is fashioned into quite-a-statement adjustable ring! Patina white bronze with a brass bezel, the cording textured scroll designs on the wide flange are dotted with more bronze.
    3. Long strands of hand-knotted “dirty” pearls hold a pendant of white or red coral. Each necklace has an accent bead of coral or faceted lapis. The pendant caps are bronze, formed in leaf shapes surrounding the coral, also with gemstones. The clasp is a coral bead, held with a loop of wrapped thread. 32″ in length, with a 3″ pendant drop.
    4. Tibetan tribal silver etched in a floral motif holds a off-white conch shell fragment. The shell pendant necklace is also strung with hand-knotted “dirty” pearls and has the coral button clasp and accent bead. 32″ long with a 2.5″ drop on the pendant.
  • Bandhini shawl gold sequin bhutis sheer wrap top labradorite Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaLabradorite necklace chandelier earrings tourmaline bracelet gold sterling silver Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Gems fit for an Empress, this labradorite and tourmaline grouping is quietly fabulous. The necklace has mosaic mother-of-pearl, faceted labradorite rondels, old Rajasthani silver and a silk tasseled goddess pendant. Length is 25″ with a 6″ drop pendant. The cuff bracelet is a tangle of 18K gold washed sterling silver wires, studded with pink and green tourmalines. A starburst of faceted dark gray-green agates is set in 24K gold-plated silver on this statement ring, size 7.25. Chandelier earrings are gold-plated texturized sterling with faceted labradorite teardrops. With wire hooks, they are 3.75″ long.

  • Naga conch handmade beads carved conch necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Carved Naga conch shell pendant and ring:

    1. Carved Naga conch pendant with yellow, green, orange handmade beads and spiral coins, 34″ cord necklace, conch measures 3″;
    2. Carved Naga conch pendant with carnelian red, orange, green handmade beads and spiral coins, 34″ cord necklace, conch measures 3″;
    3. Carved Naga conch ring in Indian silver repousse setting, adjustable.

    Conch shells are an important symbol of female tribal and cultural identity. You can feel the significance in the conch. Wear the magic.

  • Faceted gemstone sterling silver brass rings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaFaceted gemstone sterling silver brass rings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Brand new: a faceted compass ring to guide your creativity and higher consciousness. Our Gamut Ring is a solid chunk of 925 silver with an interesting, dappled texture and a faceted gemstone, trimmed in brass, with 4 gem teardrops pointing inward. In stock now are labradorite, moonstone, carnelian and amethyst. The four smaller side stones are the same type as the main stone. The Gamut Ring will help steer you in the right direction!