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  • Royal indian ring 24kt gold plated sterling silver oval ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    A royal ruby ring! Beautiful Indian ruby set in 24kt gold plate over sterling silver. Ruby measures 1.5″ l x 1 ” w at widest point. Size 8.75. Stone reveal in back, allowing all the metaphysical properties of ruby to touch your skin. Ruby encourages joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage, just to name a few.

  • Amethyst crystal druzy sterling silver ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Earthy elegance, shrouded in a detailed sterling silver setting, makes this amethyst crystal druzy ring pure perfection. 1.5″ long x 1″ wide. Size 8.

  • Silver portrait oval granulation sterling work Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    This ring reminds us of romance and epochs of the past. Beautiful granulation silver work with raised circles and dots, shined and oxidized sterling silver, oval dome measures 1.5″ long x 1″ wide. Size 8.5

  • Tribal dome silver ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    This Tribal Dome ring belongs on a bohemian goddess. Dome measures 1.25″ high, 1.5 diameter. Sterling silver size 8.

  • Midnight purple spinal white brass ring Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaMidnight purple spinel ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Dark and lustrous spinel rings will elevate your mood and “fancify” your fingers. Adjustable, white brass setting, faceted spinel. Choose oval or rectangle. See below fold for metaphysical benefits of wearing spinel.

  • Bumblebee jasper silver cuffs Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaBumblebee jasper silver ring

    These bombilating Bumblebee Jasper rings will have you all a buzz and hive-fiving all you meet. Sterling silver. Dotted flange tear drop size 8, smooth teardrop bezel size 7.

    Bumblebee Jasper can assist you in whatever type of adventure you embark on by helping with quick thinking, decision making, and inner knowing of where to go next.

  • Silver shield sterling ring Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaSilver shield sterling ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna Out of Stock

    This supremely cool, tribal chic Silver Shield ring has the perfect amount of modern flair for those longer fingered ladies and lads. Sterling silver size 7.

  • Jumbo agate malachite base metal statement ring Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaJumbo agate malachite base metal statement ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Jumbo agate portrait ring surrounded by a forest of malachite squares, set in base metal. 3″ long. Size 8.5

  • Handcarved rusty brown jade bat ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Go Big. Go Bold. GO BAT, GO! This OOAK, handcarved, rusty brown jade bat ring is spectacular. Size 8, 2″ diameter decorative base metal side bezel has nice repousse scroll work.

    The bat symbology is found in many cultures of the world.The bat totem represents letting go of fear and being free from them. As per symbology, totem animal unlocks your deepest fears and sets you free. When a bat comes, it is the death of fears and rebirth of someone who is going to live a life free from fears. These creatures may creep out some, but the Chinese culture welcomes the winged mammals — the Chinese word for bat even means “good luck.” Bats are often seen as a sign of a long and healthy life. Some in China will wear amulets featuring bats to encourage good fortune to come into their lives

  • Quartz crystal dome ring adjustable prayer ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Our Quartz crystal dome ring with ancient manuscript prayer shines bright, and bestows positive vibes to all that gaze upon its magnificence. Fully adjustable, white bronze, crystal quartz dome.

  • Mahjong dot repousse work ring Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaMahjong dot repousse work ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Dealer’s choice is this scrumptious toffee mahjong #9 suit of coins ring. Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, calculation, and it involves a degree of chance.

    Our Mahjong ring will bring in all the good luck 2021 has in store. Set in a handsome repousse white bronze setting. Size 8.

  • Persian blue turquoise dome rings hands snakes Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Beautiful Persian turquoise blue dome rings. Big chunks of rich turquoise with metallic and marble inclusions. The bronze and brass bezels support the ring with 2 snakes, size 8, or 2 hands, size 81/2. Very unique rings, artisan work at its finest.