• Naga conch handmade beads carved conch necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Carved Naga conch shell pendant and ring:

    1. Carved Naga conch pendant with yellow, green, orange handmade beads and spiral coins, 34″ cord necklace, conch measures 3″;
    2. Carved Naga conch pendant with carnelian red, orange, green handmade beads and spiral coins, 34″ cord necklace, conch measures 3″;
    3. Carved Naga conch ring in Indian silver repousse setting, adjustable.

    Conch shells are an important symbol of female tribal and cultural identity. You can feel the significance in the conch. Wear the magic.

  • Square circle amber resin pendants silk cord adjustable necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Choose your geometry. Two lovely amber resin pendants with elaborate scroll Indian silver repousse settings. Adjustable silk cord necklace, 16″ -18″ long. Wear some sunshine!

  • Vintage Himachal Pradesh glass mirrored pendant necklace crystal tourmaline Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTribal maxi dress tie back dress hand embroidered mirror work pockets cotton dress vintage mandala necklace giant amber ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Vintage mirrored glass pendant of amber gold and fushcia accents strung on 6 glorious crystal tourmaline beaded strands. OOAK. Gorgeous tourmaline beads bookend this necklace from 2 handsome silver dotted and carved triangles. Adjustable chain 22″-16″. Behold the beauty!

  • Faceted gemstone sterling silver brass rings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaFaceted gemstone sterling silver brass rings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Brand new: a faceted compass ring to guide your creativity and higher consciousness. Our Gamut Ring is a solid chunk of 925 silver with an interesting, dappled texture and a faceted gemstone, trimmed in brass, with 4 gem teardrops pointing inward. In stock now are labradorite, moonstone, carnelian and amethyst. The four smaller side stones are the same type as the main stone. The Gamut Ring will help steer you in the right direction!

  • Boar tooth necklace 3 strand horn wood beads engraved boar tooth pendant Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Incredibly lightweight three strand necklace made from a medley of horn, wood, metal beads that lead to an exquisitely carved Tibetan boar tooth. The elaborate engraving shows a Tibetan tiger, love birds, script, and enlightened Buddha. Wear alone or layered up with more beads as seen on model. Strands measure 13″ -15″, boar tooth 4″.

  • Enamel hinged bangles sterling silver Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaEnamel hinged bangles sterling silver Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Rajasthani 925 silver bangles are intricately enameled and set with coral and crystal. The main feature is the swirling leaf motif of the enamel. The special screw-top clasps and hinged style make for a truly unique piece of jewelry. These are tribal in appearance with textured and granulated silver, yet lightweight and easy to wear. The top two are considered wedding bangles because of the curled “kissing” abstract elephant/paisley shapes near the clasp. The floral cream and black bangle has a larger rounded clasp.

  • Opal and diamond ruby necklaces Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaOpal and diamond ruby necklaces Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Khamsah is an Arabic word that means “five”, but also “the five fingers of the hand”. Used to protect against evil eye (a malicious stare believed to be able to cause illness, death or general unluckiness), decorated hamsas often contain an eye symbol. Our stylized necklaces feature gemstones in the hamsa shape: dark and colorful Ethopian opals, white opal cabachons, and brilliant rubies, each one edged with diamonds. They are even more beautiful that photos can portray. Choose your favorite stone/color and appreciate the symbolism of this unique talisman.

  • Brass lace vine arabesque earrings statement big earrings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Arabesque shaped lace vine lightweight earrings with beautiful and intricate brass work. Choose from gem-studded post or french hook with pearl topper.

  • Turquoise brass carnelian agate chandelier necklace earrings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTurquoise brass carnelian agate chandelier necklace earrings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The warmth of brass metal and the sea green/blue color of turquoise are a match made in heaven – and earth! This whimsical collection ensures a bohemian vibe with dangling chandelier earrings, ethnic etched brass shields, and dancing paisley motifs. Clockwise, starting upper left:

    1. Small brass shields hang from sea glass trade beads and brass cylinders. Finished with a French hook ear wire, these earrings are 3.5″ long
    2. Textured quatrefoil shapes in brass hold faceted teardrops of turquoise, with turquoise posts. Just under 3″ long.
    3. Larger shields with turquoise posts dress to impress. 2.75″ long
    4. This vintage linked paisley necklace really does seem to dance around one’s neck. Set with 4mm turquoise beads and faceted red glass, it is a Turkish delight! With dangling brass charms and a leaf toggle clasp, it is comfortable to wear. 21″ in total length.
    5. The centerpiece of this group is a jointed crescent moon set with turquoise in a mosaic pattern, carnelian agates surrounded by hammered brass waves and is finished with a 13″ brass chain and lobster clasp. The large crescent is a total of 7.75″ in length.
  • Vintage silver Rajasthan turquoise cabachon Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaVintage silver Rajasthan turquoise cabachon Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The peacock (mayura) has always been an object of wonder and inspiration in Indian culture, and has been mentioned in accounts dating back more than 2,000 years. An image of a peacock adorns the crown of Lord Krishna. Its beautiful train and hypnotic mating dance have long captured the imagination. It became the symbol of many an Indian royal; and it was eventually adopted as the national bird of India.

    This imposing necklace features a vintage silver pendant decorated with peafowl and other birds; it is probably around 40 years old. Five hanging birds with silver orbs dangle from the 2.5″ long pendant, and an oval turquoise cabochon is placed in the center. The intricate silver chain is newer and is 22″ long.


  • Faceted turquoise tribal patterned pattras seed beads vintage Indian silver Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaFaceted turquoise tribal patterned pattras seed beads vintage Indian silver Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Wear turquoise and find compassion and communication wherever you go. A necklace places the stone close to the throat chakra. Having the stone directly against the skin is the best way to make its power expand into being and will bring the most benefit into your sphere. We offer these two special necklaces to center you, aid in communication with others, and allow your voice to be heard.

    1. Green turquoise 2mm beads with small vintage silver pattras (leaves, in Hindi) adorn this multi-strand 20′ long necklace. Lightweight, soft on the neck, yet carries a strong visual impact.
    2. Natural faceted turquoise barrel beads drape beautifully around and feature a vintage silver ribbed 1.5″ focal Indian drum bead. Finished with a woven textured silver chain and a toggle clasp. 24″ in length.
  • Amazonite Tibetan Coral Turquoise necklaces Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaAmazonite Tibetan Coral Turquoise necklaces Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The gleam of gold with cooling green amazonite, blue-green turquoise and a touch of coral brings to mind summer sun and Mediterranean sea. This collection of three necklaces (sold individually) plays well together.

    1. Cylinders of turquoise and tiny gold spacers create a stately column around the neck, finished with a quatrefoil of lacy Florentine style brass and an oval center stone of turquoise. Both clasp and finial beads are 24 Karat gold plated. 18″ long, with a 2″ pendant.
    2. Tibetan jewelry is intricate and detailed. This collar is a vintage piece, with turquoise, coral and gold plated brass. Articulated sections of tiny beads are reminiscent of mosaic flowers and stars. 17.25″ total length with a hook & eye closure.
    3. Wearing an Amazonite necklace is a powerful way to connect with the stone’s energy throughout the day. Amazonite is a stone for the heart chakra, and will remind you to stay optimistic and look for blessings everywhere you go. The focal point of this necklace is the Baluchi hair bead, dipped in gold and embossed with tribal patterns. Gold-dipped rudraksha beads and spacer beads add to the richness. The tassel is faceted green onyx. This impressive piece is 26.25″ long which includes a 4″ extender chain. The pendant is 5.5″, from top to tip of tassel.