925 silver

  • Hamsa necklace resin smoky quartz evil eye tribal 925 silver Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaHamsa necklace resin smoky quartz evil eye tribal 925 silver Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    A triple threat of protection from these hamsa pendants made of 925 sterling silver, etched in tribal patterns. The center hamsa is set with a red stone cabochon, possibly carnelian or red jasper. Evil eye glass beads, textured silver spacer beads, and smoky quartz cylinders make up the necklace strand; beautiful faceted rust resin oval and round beads, and rust resin dangles keep everything light and easy to wear. There are small patris goddess pendants for more protective energy! An impactful piece that is 27″ in length, which includes the hook clasp.

  • Tribal silver chunky necklace Nigerian and India Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTribal silver chunky necklace Nigerian and India Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    It’s easy to imagine Frida Kahlo in jewelry like this. The earrings are 925 sterling silver, with a center bird curved into a paisley shape. Surrounded by petals of pointed silver, they dangle from a flower shaped post with granules of silver dots.

    On the necklace are amazing Nigerian coin silver saucer-shaped beads that are hollow and very light. Crystal, jet, African banded wood and Tibetan beads make up the rest of this multi-cultural statement necklace. The focal point is a silver-plated large banded bead that quite possibly could be a napkin ring!

  • Tribal silver Rajasthani 925 sterling oxidized deity Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTribal silver Rajasthani 925 sterling oxidized deity Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Dancing deities and tiny coins decorate this Rajasthani oxidized silver tribal jewelry. Adorned with rubellite, embossed florals and ribbed arabesque pendulums, this entire collection speaks to the old-world jewelry techniques and styles of ancient India.

    From top to bottom, main photo:

    1. Short pattras coins and rubellite collar necklace. 20.5″
    2. Rubellite and marquis-shaped drops. 20″
    3. Double strand of coin deities. 16.5 to 18.5″
    4. 15 ribbed arabesque pendulum drops, 1.5″ long. 23″ including clasp.
    5. Long pattras coins necklace with rubellite. Adjustable 25-30″
    6. Curved collar, with floral embossed linked rectangles and dangles. Adjustable to 19″
  • Tanzanite diamond pave ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    You will be instantly enchanted by our tanzanite diamond pave ring. This exquisite tanzanite lush blue / vibrant violet rectangle tanzanite gemstone is surrounded by a myriad of sparkling pave diamonds. A ring for the royal in you! 925 silver, Size 7

  • Domed tanzanite ring 10 diamonds silver with 24 kt gold plate ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Gorgeous domed tanzanite diamond ring. This beautiful round tanzanite lush blue / vibrant violet gemstone is surrounded by 10 clear and shiny circular diamonds. Domed setting is 925 silver with 24kt gold plate, Size 8.

  • $110.00

    Zebra jasper motivates us to move out of apathy into action. It helps us avoid over-thinking and encourages us to just enjoy the experience of living. Zebra jasper’s striking colors intensify that message. Like the swift, wild animal for which it’s named, it shows us how to live.

    This wild child is 925 silver with a striking teardrop zebra jasper stone set in oxidized, granulated silver flange. Size 6.5

  • Vintage Rajastani enamel double disc 925 silve repousse hook earrings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Vintage Rajastani 925 silver enamel repousse earrings. Double disc with hook closure. 2″ long. Lightweight dangle.

  • Purpurite oxidized granulated silver flange ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    This teardrop purpurite ring will help you get rid of your frustrations and help you resolve your conflicts, as well as infuse you with freedom, confidence, and clarity of speech. Yes, please! This beauty is 925 silver with a teardrop purpurite stone set inside an oxidized granulated silver flange. Size 8.5

  • Arizona copper turquoise citrine ring 925 silver ring Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaArizona copper turquoise citrine ring 925 silver ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Let this ring be your compass to all things good and promising! Our Gamut Ring is a solid chunk of 925 silver with an interesting, dappled texture with a giant gemstone trimmed in brass with 4 gem teardrops pointing inward. Choose from amethyst with amethyst points, Arizona copper turquoise with citrine points, and labradorite with aqua marine points. Our Gamut Ring will help steer you in the right direction.

  • Charoite silver cuffs Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Purple power charoite set in contemporary silver cuffs is a special alchemical combo that will energize your day, month, and year!

    Charoite stimulates and regulates blood pressure and pulse rate, opens our hearts and stimulates unconditional love, as well as increase energy levels, reduces stress and worry.

    Set in 925 silver, oxidized silver with modern and granulated geometry dot work.


  • Bumblebee jasper silver cuffs Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaBumblebee jasper silver cuffs Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    We’re all a buzzzzz over this magical medley of Bumblebee Jasper Silver Cuffs!

    We have 4 different geometries to choose from, be it a protrait oval with bling, or silver dots, diamond, or square. Cuffs are 925 silver with granulated dots metal work. Read more of metaphysical properties below.

  • Vesconite silver cuff Andrea Serrahn Serrahna -20% Off

    This is a special vesconite oval stone set in 925 silver, oxidized silver scroll wire work. The back is open to let the stones healing properties grace your wrist. Oval ukanite jasper measures 2″ long.