• Faceted gemstone sterling silver brass rings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaFaceted gemstone sterling silver brass rings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

      Brand new: a faceted compass ring to guide your creativity and higher consciousness. Our Gamut Ring is a solid chunk of 925 silver with an interesting, dappled texture and a faceted gemstone, trimmed in brass, with 4 gem teardrops pointing inward. In stock now are labradorite, moonstone, carnelian and amethyst. The four smaller side stones are the same type as the main stone. The Gamut Ring will help steer you in the right direction!

    • Turquoise brass carnelian agate chandelier necklace earrings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTurquoise brass carnelian agate chandelier necklace earrings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

      The warmth of brass metal and the sea green/blue color of turquoise are a match made in heaven – and earth! This whimsical collection ensures a bohemian vibe with dangling chandelier earrings, ethnic etched brass shields, and dancing paisley motifs. Clockwise, starting upper left:

      1. Small brass shields hang from sea glass trade beads and brass cylinders. Finished with a French hook ear wire, these earrings are 3.5″ long
      2. Textured quatrefoil shapes in brass hold faceted teardrops of turquoise, with turquoise posts. Just under 3″ long.
      3. Larger shields with turquoise posts dress to impress. 2.75″ long
      4. This vintage linked paisley necklace really does seem to dance around one’s neck. Set with 4mm turquoise beads and faceted red glass, it is a Turkish delight! With dangling brass charms and a leaf toggle clasp, it is comfortable to wear. 21″ in total length.
      5. The centerpiece of this group is a jointed crescent moon set with turquoise in a mosaic pattern, carnelian agates surrounded by hammered brass waves and is finished with a 13″ brass chain and lobster clasp. The large crescent is a total of 7.75″ in length.
    • Raj Bling Zena Carnelian Rosary Kurti zardozi shawl Andrea Serrahn Serrahna Coral CarnelianCarnelian Coral Hand knotted Pearls Zena Pendant Serrahna Andrea Serrahn

      Shield of Zena pendant, set with Coral and carnelian. Strung with 36″ of dirty pearls. Pendant is white bronze with silver plate, brass bezels. Pendant measures 3.25″ x 2.5″. Price $250.

      Carnelian pentagon slab studded with marcasites, and strung with pink pearls and matte banded agates. 28″-38″
      adjustable/ Price $260