Dirty Pearls

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  • Double Trouble earrings oval loops gemstone pearls bronze Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaKumar coat Reversible premium quilted kantha pocket coat below hip coat Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Double Trouble Earrings are bound to become one of your favorite pairs! Loops of carnelian, coral or freshwater off white (dirty) pearls dangle from hammered brass arches, which in turn are linked to gemstone posts. We have pearls with amazonite (in stock soon), carnelian with pearl posts, and coral with turquoise posts. They make quite a visual impact despite their light weight. Hand-crafted in Turkey and très exotique!

  • Cast bronze scorpion necklace black charcoal grey labradorite gems dirty pearls adjustable necklace Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaCast bronze scorpion necklace black charcoal grey labradorite gems dirty pearls adjustable necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The Stellium of Scorpions necklace is fantastically fierce with seven cast bronze scorpions and a bevy of other fabulous friends.

    A brilliant cluster of dirty pearls with gold studs holds the tail of each scorpion. The detailed cast bronze scorpions have unexpected rosettes adorning each claw.  Eight large blueberry-sized spacers of charcoal speckled black labradorite flash glow in between each scorpion cluster.

    All of this magnificence is strung on a gold and black silk adjustable cord. Vintage tribal embroidery and tassels add another fun element to this wickedly cool necklace.

    If you follow astrology then you know the significance of a Scorpio stellium individual, by birth or by transit.  Mysterious and magical. A few traits of a Scorpio stellium are intense focus, unrelenting drive, and the ability to survive whatever life throws at them.

    Similar to those magnetically alluring individuals with such a placement in their astrological charts, our Scorpion Stellium necklace will draw people into your orbit in perfect mystical alignment.



  • Katya Coatlet silk rayon hand block printed Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaBaltic Bluebell pearls Ottoman tassels neckpiece Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Baltic Bluebell is a deep blue agate pendant encased in ornate bronze, with a triple strand of dirty pearls, finished with hand-woven linen/cotton extensions and vintage Ottoman tassels. Pendant is 4″ in length. The pearls are 36″, the linen section is 22″. Those seed-beaded tassels measure 5″ long. A truly majestic neckpiece, fit for a maharani.

  • Hamsa Pearl bracelets gemstones dirty pearls Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaHamsa Pearl bracelets gemstones dirty pearls Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Hamsa Pearl Bracelets – have your protective amulet with you in a freshwater pearl stretch bracelet with added gemstones. Wearing your hamsa with fingers pointing up means you’ll be protected; fingers pointing downward brings the abundance of the universe into your sphere. Here we have hamsas in several sizes and colors, all with a bit of bling, all expand to fit most wrists.

  • Lapis lazuli gold coin necklace Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaLapis lazuli arabic gold coin dirty pearl necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Beautiful blue lapis lazuli has been revered throughout the centuries and was appropriately named by the ancients as “heaven stone” or “sky stone”. Lapis Lazuli’s  powerfully intense blue color is said to open minds and give enlightenment. It is used to encourage self-awareness, self-confidence, self-knowledge, peace and harmony. Additionally, it is said to place the wearer in a good mood throughout the day. A true feel and look good necklace!

    The regal, earthly mix of 24 kt gold plated vintage Arabic replica coins has a coral stone at its crown. Each 24 kt gold plated lotus leaf has a 6-sided faceted pendulums of pure lapis lazuli.  All strung on a beautiful strand of dirty pearls, adding to the royal feel of this necklace.

  • Coral pomegranate chunky jewelry dirty pearls enamel cuff Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaCoral pomegranate chunky jewelry dirty pearls enamel cuff Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Pictured with our Keriya jacket, these impressive adornments are certain to become your favorite way to feel exotic and artistic. All are unique and some are one of a kind.

    1. The gem-studded Turkish bangle is gold-plated repoussé brass. Ovals of coral and turquoise decorate the black enameled details. This one is a black and gold stunner.
    2. An amazing natural red coral branch is fashioned into quite-a-statement adjustable ring! Patina white bronze with a brass bezel, the cording textured scroll designs on the wide flange are dotted with more bronze.
    3. Long strands of hand-knotted “dirty” pearls hold a pendant of white or red coral. Each necklace has an accent bead of coral or faceted lapis. The pendant caps are bronze, formed in leaf shapes surrounding the coral, also with gemstones. The clasp is a coral bead, held with a loop of wrapped thread. 32″ in length, with a 3″ pendant drop.
    4. Tibetan tribal silver etched in a floral motif holds a off-white conch shell fragment. The shell pendant necklace is also strung with hand-knotted “dirty” pearls and has the coral button clasp and accent bead. 32″ long with a 2.5″ drop on the pendant.
  • Huge red agate dirty pearls turkish tassles necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    You will feel the majesty and grandeur of the giant redwoods in our Redwood Reverie necklace. This natural wonder is a HUGE slab of the deepest and richest red agate you will find, encased in a rustic bronze leaf vine scroll motif. Triple strands of hand knotted dirty pearls hang this oversized pendant. Finished with vintage Turkish tassels, each strand dotted with a white seed bead. Handwork to make your jaw drop. Pendant 5″L x 3″ W; necklace is adjustable 22″ – 36″.

  • Carved ivory leaf dirty pearl vintage tassles lapis button loop closure necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    You will wear this charming necklace all year long. Double strands of ivory resin leaves separated with a trio of dirty pearl spacers. A hand woven wrapped cord adds to the old world feel with a lapis gem button loophole closure, and vintage bejeweled tassles. Necklace measures 11″.

  • Pomegranate cuff earring necklace dirty pearls gold Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    It’s a juicy winter fruit, gold gilded 3-D bronze dripping with juicy red ‘pomegarnet’ seeds. A lovely way to fantasize about this luscious fruit is to have it hanging around your neck, from your ears, or wrapped around your wrist. Notice the spider and the beetle on the cuffs. Beautiful vintage dirty pearls, hand knotted and hence flexible. A trio of these lovelies would fill your fruit basket this season.


  • Single double triple strand knotted dirty pearl bracelet Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaSingle double triple strand knotted dirty pearl bracelet Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Knotty but nice strands of luxurious treasures from the sea to adorn your wrists. Granulated closure with a multiple thread loop and coral button. Pearls measure ~3/8″ diameter; available in 1, 2, and 3 strands. Price range $48-$88.





  • Knotted Dirty Pearls Necklaces Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaKnotted Dirty Pearls Necklaces Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Knotted Dirty Pearls Necklaces are knotty but nice strands of luxurious, treasures from the sea. Pearls measure ~3/8″ diameter; available in 3 strand graduated necklace (26″-28″-30″) or single strands of 26″and 34″ lengths.





  • Red coral crucifix dirty pearl 34" necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Gold plated antiqued bronze crosses, hung with knotted dirty pearls and a chunk of coral. This rustic chic necklace is adjustable. Each one handmade and OOAK. 34″long, or as short as you knot it. Price $220