Over the knee boot

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  • Over the knee leopard textile floral brocade red sole suede cuff boot Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    A little girl’s dress-up dreams come true in the form of our latest FIRECAT production. I’m thrilled to introduce the Fleur Von Tigris, my panther in crime, Norma Wood’s, very first solo boot design. The vision and name of the Fleur Von Tigris was inspired by a few of Norma’s favorite things, such as her love of promenading old, beautiful city streets throughout the seasons but especially spring when the flowers are in full bloom and the songbirds are singing. And of course the textile enthusiast in her shines through, naturally. The bold textile choice of the small, but wild, leopard print with flowing exotic flowers of turquoise tulips, earthy floral brocade Anatolian tulips, and Chinese lantern red poppies all blooming on a textured denim’esque grey background–a fun & funky juxtaposition and mix of textiles conjures all the magic of Mesopatamia, where the Tigris river flows. The Fleur Von Tigris is a tall, over the knee style, leather lined boot with fold over tops in a light charcoal suede leather gives the option of a just below the knee look. Detachable gold chains dripping with pearls and hamsas will add extra adornment. This is a very wearable, streamlined boot, with a slight rounded toe, accommodates a larger calf, measuring 17″ on a size 9. Back YKK zips and 3 rows of laces give the finishing touch. 1/2″ sultry red, gold studded platform and 3″ leopard covered heel give a form fitting and comfortable fit to these boots that will keep your feet happy all day, and throughout the night. Our alluring red soles give these boots a pulsating boom ditty boom boom.

    We hope you enjoy wearing FIRECAT boots as much as we love designing them. They are a creative collaboration of love and raucous joy. The name FIRECAT represents both Andrea and Norma’s shared cosmic astrological DNA of all things Ninth house: culture, languages, travel, higher learning, philosophy, exploration of the ancient worlds and spiritual realms, and mysticism. FIRECAT was forged by these two powerhouse women, double fire sisters, FOR other passionate women who also view dressing as a joyous act and expressive exploration which elevates us every single day of our lives. The feline connection conjures fierce femininity to walk along the edges of life with cat-like grace and style. We hope wearing FIRECAT boots invokes all the fervor and heat of fire mixed with the cool independence of the feline.
    May all who walk in FIRECAT boots experience an alchemical caress that is as magical and healing as a cat’s purr by a roaring fire.
  • Tip toe tulip over the knee boot anatolian tulip red olive black turquoise fold down boot 2.5 inch heel boot Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaRed anatolian tip toe thru tulip boot Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    There’s nothing quite like our Tip Toe Tulip boots! Those of you who love an over the knee style boot will luxuriate in these rich tapestry and leather lined boots, a FIRECAT creation. Glorious shades of olive green, turquoise blue, rich red and black with intricate vines of bronze, gold, and red Anatolian tulips. Fold over tops in matching suede leather give you the option of a just below the knee look. We’ve added detachable gold chains dripping with pearls, as these boots exude a hint of Raj royalty. This is a very streamlined boot, with a pointed toe and lean narrow calf, measuring 15″ on a size 8. Back YKK zips and 3 rows of laces give the finishing touch. 1/4″ platform and 2.5″ heel, with gold stud detail.