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  • Sterling silver rings light blue green gemstones Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaSterling silver rings light blue green gemstones Andrea Serrahn Serrahna New

    A heavenly combo: Cabochons in light blue larimar, ocean green fuchsite with ruby; coral, mother-of-pearl – all encased in sterling silver and looking beautiful together or singly. Find your perfect sky blue match!

    1. Large teardrop composite Larimar with oxidized silver scallop edge, size 7.5
    2. Small teardrop Larimar with silver scallop edge, size 10.
    3. Ruby in Fuchsite large teardrop with bronze accents, size 6
    4. Square Larimar with notched and zigzag silver setting, size 8
    5. Small oval Larimar with simple setting, size 9
    6. Large oval Larimar with elaborate silver edging, size 8
    7. Small square larimar surrounded by coral points and mother-of-pearl rounds, size 6
  • Gold plated leaf shape earrings carnelian dangles Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaHand embroidered silk kimono burgundy gold Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    A delicate leaf flutters on your ear, in 24K plated sterling silver. With a faceted ruby teardrop dangle and a notched vein down the center, these elongated satin finish leaves are not ostentatious, but make a pretty and feminine statement. They hang 2.25″ which includes the ruby.

  • Etched sterling silver Tuareg tribe gemstone earrings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaEtched sterling silver Tuareg tribe gemstone earrings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Traditionally, Tuareg jewelry is made of silver, which is believed to be the metal of the Prophet. Gold is not worn as it is believed to bring bad luck. We love both metals, but these silver Tuareg earrings, set with gemstones, catch our eye every time. Choose kyanite for clarity, turquoise for strength, carnelian for bravery, or lapis for enhanced memory; each pair is unique!

  • Turquoise butterfly sterling pendant apatite chalcedony beads Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTurquoise butterfly sterling pendant apatite chalcedony beads Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation and hope; a symbol for rebirth and the triumph of the spirit over our material world. Our turquoise butterfly in Tibetan silver does create that positive energy, and paired with the beautiful blues of chalcedony and apatite stones, silver spacer beads, a lobster clasp and a grey silk tassel, it will bring joy to all who see it. 26″ of stones, and the butterfly is 2.25″ long, 3″ wide.

  • Faceted gemstone sterling silver brass rings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaFaceted gemstone sterling silver brass rings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Brand new: a faceted compass ring to guide your creativity and higher consciousness. Our Gamut Ring is a solid chunk of 925 silver with an interesting, dappled texture and a faceted gemstone, trimmed in brass, with 4 gem teardrops pointing inward. In stock now are labradorite, moonstone, carnelian and amethyst. The four smaller side stones are the same type as the main stone. The Gamut Ring will help steer you in the right direction!

  • Opal and diamond ruby necklaces Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaOpal and diamond ruby necklaces Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Khamsah is an Arabic word that means “five”, but also “the five fingers of the hand”. Used to protect against evil eye (a malicious stare believed to be able to cause illness, death or general unluckiness), decorated hamsas often contain an eye symbol. Our stylized necklaces feature gemstones in the hamsa shape: dark and colorful Ethopian opals, white opal cabachons, and brilliant rubies, each one edged with diamonds. They are even more beautiful that photos can portray. Choose your favorite stone/color and appreciate the symbolism of this unique talisman.

  • Taweez amulet turquoise necklace earrings Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTaweez amulet turquoise necklace earrings Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Turquoise and silver – a magical combination. This grouping of jewelry has an old-world feel. Afghanistan geometric dangle earrings, chunky necklaces with embossed silver – your connection to tribal embellishment and treasured amulets.

    1. Turquoise rondelles with marcasite spacer beads are smooth and variegated colors of blue-green. 11.5″ for the beaded necklace plus a 2″ silver and turquoise amulet, aka: tawiz, old tribal silver end caps with an unusual ridged turquoise center .
    2. The ta’wiz, tawiz (Urdu: تعویز‎, Hindi: तावीज़), muska (Turkish) or taʿwīdh (Arabic: تعويذ‎) is an amulet or locket worn for good luck and protection common in South Asia. Tawiz (or taweez) worn by Muslims contain verses from the Quran and/or other Islamic prayers and symbols pertaining to magic. This impressive necklace features a large repoussé silver tawiz with space for your charms, mantras, or prayers. Tibetan turquoise and a sterling toggle clasp.
    3. Silver trapezoid-shaped Afghanistan earrings have small chain dangles and turquoise set in the earring wire as well as the front. Just under 4.5″ top to bottom.
    4. Long sterling hook shaped textured stems end in a calyx holding a carved turquoise lotus ball. Earrings from India, 2.5″ long.
  • Turquoise filigree hamsa chunky genuine stones Tuareg tribal Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTurquoise filigree hamsa chunky genuine stones Tuareg tribal Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The calming energy of turquoise instills inner peace and creative expression, and helps one manifest self forgiveness and self acceptance. This beautiful collection of turquoise with vintage filigree, marcasite accents and oxidized Thai silver chain is most unique.

    1. Tuareg tribal silver earrings are pear-shaped etched silver pieces hanging from hand carved triangles on sterling ear wires. The turquoise matrix ovals are bezel set. They hang 2″ long.
    2. The Tibetan turquoise and natural marcasite pendant hangs from a double strand of turquoise slices interspersed with more marcasite. 31″ long necklace includes a black square links chain extender, with a 2.5″ chunk of smooth oval turquoise wrapped with marcasite accents. There is also a 3″ black chain tassel.
    3. Arizona copper and turquoise daggers have a triangle post of silver with brass accents and an aqua crystal. 2.25″ total length; from the ear they will hang about 2″.
    4. The vintage silver filigree hamsa is the amazing centerpiece on this chain necklace of Thai silver. The silver is 95%+ pure in this piece. The hamsa is 3.5″ long and is probably Egyptian. Small turquoise ovals capped with marcasite and crystals hang from the lower 3rd of the chain, which is 28.5″ in length.
  • Magnum opus coral diamonds emerald opal portrait ring Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    A magnum opus and opal of a ring! This stunning ring has a gorgeous coral center surrounded by a matrix of diamonds, Ethiopian opals, and Indian emeralds, and even more diamonds. Set in 24kt gold plate over sterling silver this portrait ring is legacy material, one to share with future generations. Size 8, stone reveal setting to allow light to filter through and metaphysical properties of stones to reach your skin.