upcycled textile

  • Pearl white brass tribal medallion vintage adjustable neck cord Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaBandhani masterpiece shawl ombre deep violet to eggplant black tassels Andrea Serrahn Serrahna Out of Stock

    A crown of pearls christen our beautiful Luna Medallion pendant made of white brass, solid but ultra light and easy to wear. Tribal scrolls and dots surround a full moon pearl in the center. Black and white textured, upcycled, vintage cord necklace is fully adjustable. The tassels have cream tulip embroidery petals for dramatic appeal. You can wear the tassels free flowing, adding a fabulous multi-strand look. A WOW piece! Pendant measures 3″ x 3″, and adjustable cord 40″- 10″, tassels 3″.