A Bandhani Masterpiece Shawl doesn’t come along every day. This one is resplendent with color: rich, deep coral, magenta purple and touches of white and gold across the surface of the pure silk. Each corner is festooned with a  hand-crocheted and beaded tassel. Did you know that the earliest evidence of Bandhani dates back as early as 4000 B.C?

The colors used convey different meanings. While the hues are more varied now, some traditional ones still hold important cultural meaning. Red represents a bride or woman who was recently married, and yellows are used for a new mother. The city of Bhuj in Gujarat is well known for its red Bandhani.


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Our Bandhani Masterpiece Shawl is a bit non-conventional. Traditionally in bandhani tie and dye, only two colors are used at a time. Historically, the colors yellow and red, which are lucky in Indian culture, were used. Now, bright colors such as yellow, red, green, orange and pink are used in various shades.

Our shawl is 84″L by 43″ W, and has hand-crocheted and beaded tassels which are 5.5″ in length.


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Red Magenta Bandhani shawl Andrea Serrahn Serrahna



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