Our Kharbuja Amethyst Necklace is one honeydew of a neck piece!

A beautiful 24″ strand of kharbuja (melon in hindi) beads in a kaleidoscope of amethyst, marine blue, clear fluorite crystals cascade in an aesthetically pleasing, as well as metaphysically calming way. The clarity and cut of the perfectly shaped melon beads are punctuated by the rough cut amethyst pendant.  Smokey bling beads dangle in a satisfyingly fun way around the chunk of amethyst in a gold-plated setting. The pendant setting has an open back which allows the myriad positive qualities of the amethyst quartz to transfer to the wearer.

Not only does the Kharbuja have fluorite and amethyst crystal goodness, but also has the beneficial qualities of the round pyrite spacers too. The pyrite mineral is an excellent preventive which will shield you from negative energy. Altogether the alchemical mix of fluorite, amethyst and pyrite is a positive energy punch!

The Kharbuja Amethyst Necklace is positively a one-of-a-kind,  adjustable, radiant piece.



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Kharbuja Amethyst Necklace;

Marine blue, amethyst, mint green, crystal fluorite melon-shaped beads;

Rough cut 2″ purple amethyst pendant;

Fun, dangles of smokey bling beads;

Pyrite spacers;

24″ strand adjustable necklace;



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Kharbuja beand fluorite pyrite amethyst pendant necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna



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