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  • Embroidered wool coat Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaEmbroidered wool coat Andrea Serrahn Serrahna Out of Stock

    Crewel work is a hand-embroidery technique traditionally done in Kashmir. It is created with a hook (“aari”) and  woolen or cotton yarns. Our Kashmiri coats are covered with it: beautiful floral and botanical stitches, sometimes in a single color family or they can be multi-colored. This one in shades of gold is a stunner! Made of silk with cotton embroidery, it is a size Medium (42″ chest).

  • Quanyin pendant pearl lucite resin beads necklace Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaQuanyin pendant pearl lucite resin beads necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    A juxtaposition of modern and vintage, old and new: a beautiful carved Quan Yin pendant set in brass, with sparkling mid-century modern lucite beads, golden pearls and ribbed resin rounds. Finished with brass spacers and a brass hook clasp, the necklace measures 26″ in length.

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    Find the colorful queen in you at Serrahna; a small, local, fair trade boutique with dazzling accessories and hand-worked masterpieces.

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  • Woven kid leather bead necklace Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaWool vest Uzbekistan India hand crafted Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    A most unusual neckpiece from woven leather beads crafted in Mali. Hammered and flattened kid leather strips are woven tightly over a wire cage base, making the large statement beads a true conversation piece.

    Necklace 1 also features a centerpiece silver vintage bead from Balochistan, incised with geometric patterns. The spacer beads between the leather are all sterling silver. With a sterling hook clasp and coil pattern bead caps, this necklace measures 27″ long. We love the color palette of teal, mustard, red and sage green.

    Necklace 2 is 26″ in length and has slightly larger woven leather beads. The chain and spacers are brass and the leather is in fall shades of mustard and soft red.

  • Patchwork coat hand embroidered nehru coallar Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaPatchwork coat hand embroidered nehru coallar Andrea Serrahn Serrahna - 50 % Off

    Of course you can dress in beautiful textiles wherever you go! Anne is wearing our Nehru Patchwork coat to her local market, and looking fabulous! Many colors, sized from XS to L; you’ll find your favorite and love it. Embroidery, patchwork, soft cotton – what’s not to adore?

  • Wool vest Uzbekistan India hand crafted Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaWool vest Uzbekistan India hand crafted Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Vests are perfect for that added layer of warmth without bulk. This one is special: tribal crafts from both Uzbekistan and Kutch steal the show. The hand-woven merino wool is hand tied & dyed bandhani style, and lined with cotton block print. With a tassel fringe wrapped by hand at the hemline, Uzbeki needlepoint embroidery details and front pockets, it’s a winner in our book. There are tucks front and back for a slight tapered fit. Fall colors abound: burgundy, tan, brown & orange. We’ve only got 4 of these, so get one before they’re gone!

  • Turkmen silver pendant ceramic resin beads Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaTurkmen silver pendant ceramic resin beads Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    It’s definitely a power piece: 37″ in length, not including the pendant, this tribal silver Turkmen necklace is a head-turning beauty. Many ethnicities and shapes are represented here: Javanese ceramic eye beads, floral stripe ellipsoids; resin cylinders and rounds; Czech faceted glass, and gemstone studded silver beads from China. We love the intricate filigree of the pendant and the deep red carnelian-colored glass. Made for the powerful tribal priestess in you!

  • Rust suzani tapestry coat pockets Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaRust suzani tapestry coat pockets Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Perfect for a bright fall day, with autumn energy and warm, rich color! This lightweight yet warm Suzani cotton coat is hand-quilted in shades of coral, olive and terra cotta, with a hand-block print lining. It has pockets and is embellished with embroidery. Roll up the sleeves to show off the contrasting lining.

    The word Suzani comes from the Persian word suzan, which means needle. Originating from nomadic tribes in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries, suzani textiles have become highly collectable and valued for their beautiful decoration and fine craftsmanship. Traditional designs include the sun and moon; flowers, leaves, vines, fruits (especially pomegranates); fish and birds. These motifs were believed to imbue the fabric with spiritual powers, offering protection or strength to their owners. We have 2 of these coats in the boutique right now, in varied patterns and same color palette.

  • Sweater cardigan embellished patchworkAndrea Serrahn SerrahnaSweater cardigan embellished patchworkAndrea Serrahn Serrahna

    Stay warm and chic at the same time with our OOAK patchwork sweater cardigan. Created from upcycled cashmere and merino wool, it is a subtle work of art. Embellished with a sequined trim and Ajarakh block printed silk satin collar, you’ll add a touch of class to any Sunday brunch or trip to the market. The silk collar is so soft against the skin. Rusty red accents in the trim and stitching add that pop of color we all love! Size Medium, 42″ chest.

  • stone washed quilted coat nehru collarstone washed quilted coat nehru collar - 20 % Off

    It’s warm, cottony casual, and shows off hand-crafted arts – the Nehru Stonewash Quilted Coat! Hand-embroidered, hand-quilted and stone washed.  You’ll be ready for chilly weather with this beautiful every day coat. These coats are OOAK – each one will have unique embroidery and the colors may vary slightly.  Short Nehru collar, button front and side pockets. You’ll love it!

  • Silk shawl hand-tied and dyed tassel trim Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaSilk shawl hand-tied and dyed tassel trim Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The tie-dyed silk bandhani shawl has bright gold trim and a beaded hand-crocheted tassel on each corner. Measuring 42.5″ by 82″, it will envelop you with lightweight warmth. The tassels are 5″ long. It’s a chili pepper red with rusty orange and gold, and white & blue hand-tied bandhani dots. A power punch shawl, ready for the holidays, and beyond!

  • Pashmina shawl Cotton Kurti tunic Tapestry boots druzy necklace Andrea Serrahn SerrahnaPashmina shawl Cotton Kurti tunic Tapestry boots druzy necklace Andrea Serrahn Serrahna

    The Ava Tunic: great with leggings and boots. We have just one left because they were very popular. Hand-loomed cotton with a multi-colored stripe. Size Large is the last one!