A women’s fashion boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in colorful and contemporary clothing for women. Renowned for its fabulous fabrics from India, our boutique is an oasis of east-meets-west styles in a broad spectrum of colors. Our sensual styles, hand-worked masterpieces and dazzling accessories are unique and mesmerizing.

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``My tween daughter lured me into this irresistible shop, having been attracted by armfuls of bangles in the window. I stupidly expected to find a similar product assortment to the bazaars in Little India on University Ave., but maybe with Rockridge prices. I could not have been more mistaken! Serrahna is a very special place. The American owner collaborates with her contacts in the Indian artisan community to create an abundance of wearable fashions that are unmistakably Indian in origin, yet easily comprehended and incorporated into a contemporary wardrobe. A lovely woman, possibly the owner, helped me navigate the maze of racks and I came away with a great find. Serrahna strikes me as the perfect place to turn for the savvy woman in need of a prom dress, mother-of-the-bride ensemble or other special occasion look... yet, the top I bought there is perfect with jeans. The jewelry and scarves are especially enticing --- attention, gift-givers!``

Sylvia E.Serrahna is a Very Special Place.

``This is a jewel that I have treasured for years. The outfits are gorgeous, uplifting & empowering ~ full of strong colors, textures & exquisite designs. This is clothing for women who are expressing their Empress Essence: Savvy! Sassy! Strong!``

Iris Stallworth GraylingSavvy! Sassy! Strong!

``I love love love love this store - its a treasure trove of gorgeous and original pieces of wearable art that are as comfortable and practical as they are stunning and luscious. Andrea, Jane, and the team are knowledgeable and will ensure a delightful and magical shopping experience. I love my pieces for Serrahna.``

Nancy NetherlandTreasure Trove of Gorgeous

``The creme de la creme. A feast for the eyes. A color bath of microtonal bliss. More than a miracle.``

Sandy Miranda RobinettCreme de la Creme

``Serranha is a dynamite experience as well as a feast for the eye. I was so inspired, I ended up buying ten pieces in the space of a few weeks--completely not like me. Most of Serranha's pieces are one of a kind, often with hand embroidery, always with imaginative and dynamic fabric combinations. The most unique feature of clothes shopping at Serranha is the owner herself--a brilliant seer of what colors and styles will work best with your coloring and temperament. I truly felt that what she suggested that I try on came from a deep perception of who I truly am. By the end of time shopping there, I felt seen--visually and for my inner beauty. I told her that I thought she was a sort of healer who wants to help people see their own inner beauty, to which she replied, ``Bingo!`` and smiled with delight. I can't say enough good things about Serranha, but go see for yourself.``

Nina S.Dynamic Fabric Combinations

``Bursting with color, texture and sparkle could be a description of Serrahna as well as Andrea who makes the experience of shopping in Serrahna, a delightful indulgence. There are colors for every personal palette and invitations to create outfits that engage fantasy and are proven conversation starters. I had thought my curvy figure (size 16-18) too much for fashion designs made in India. I know better, now that I've shopped at Serrahna. The scarves are luscious and make an outfit on their own when draped over core, everyday basics. Add some of the fantastic bangles and cuffs to accessorize like a Pro. My favorites are the jackets in all weights--silky, sheens to heavier curated pieces with gorgeous patterns. Serrahna is a rare jewel of inspiration.``

Katherine C.Serrahna is a Rare Jewel of Inspiration

``This is your 1-stop shop for Indian clothing. I had a formal wedding invitation in Chennai, 20 minutes and a credit card. These ladies dressed me up from head to toe. Andrea knows her stock-- she's educated about her store, sizes and the regions of India where certain things are appropriate. She won't waste your time. I pulled out of the shop with 3 full outfits---cobalt blue baggy pants, matching tank, gold belt and earrings and a variety of tunics to wear on top of the basics. I was honestly uncomfortable with all of the color and layers--but I trusted her judgment and bought it all. I went on my trip to find that of everything I brought with me I mainly only wore the clothes I bought here at this shop. Elderly Indian women eyed me at every event--calling me over to compliment me on the fabrics, patterns, accessories and style. I was stopped multiple times during the wedding events by natives who said I was the best dressed westerner at the party. WAY TO GO SERRAHNA!``

Gianna G.The Best Dressed Westerner

``I found this beautiful boutique on a recent visit to the Bay Area. I decided to step off the Bart at Rockridge because I had heard there were some lovely boutiques along College St. Well, it was a bit before the shop opened when I passed by the window and thought I was dreaming. Dreaming of a place filled with exotic treasures from India. I knew I had to come back a half hour later to experience it. When I returned and walked inside, I truly felt as though I was in a far away land. So I walked around the store in a trance-like state mesmerized by the level of beauty I was witnessing. Each section filled with gorgeous items to adorn ones body with. Every inch was so beautifully curated and displayed. And then a female vision caught my eye. Oh, I thought, that must be the owner. And it surely was. Andrea, this ethereal vision was dressed top to bottom in a glorious ensemble of oranges. Assorizied and adorned like an Indian goddess. We got to chat just a bit, but enough to realize we were fast friends and old soul connected. I bought the very first item I was in awe with, which was a heavily decorated bangle with hundreds of tiny rhinestones in all of the rainbow colors. I fell so in love with it that I knew I had to have two in order to stack them on my upper arm. I had such a pleasant experience in this shop and wish I had more funds to purchase some of the beautiful clothing that Andrea designs. Perhaps my next visit, or my next life. Please support this sublime boutique and plan on spending several hours inside to take it all in.``

Tova K.Please Support this Sublime Boutique
Meet Andrea Serrahn
Fashion Designer and Founder of Serrahna

Meet Andrea Serrahn

Andrea Serrahn’s love of fashion started when she was a little girl growing up in Wisconsin designing and sewing her own clothing. She went on to study textiles, among other things, in college and practiced various printing and sewing techniques into her early 20s.

A Fulbright Experience in India
My Adventures in Textiles

A Fulbright Experience in India

In the far western reaches of India, just beside the Pakistani border, sits the tiny town of Bhuj. It is a satellite town with many of the surrounding villages specializing in textile crafts.

This was a place I’d come to know and love well during my international travels and going there had always been a kind of “homecoming” for me. Little did I know that I would return here to live and work with the local people! Here’s the story of how my adventure in textiles began…..