Pomegranates & Persephone:  an Evening of Shamanic Artistry with holly Million

Pomegranates & Persephone: an Evening of Shamanic Artistry with holly Million

Pomegranates & Persephone:

an Evening of Shamanic Artistry

The fabulous Ms. HOLLY MILLION in her SERRAHNA attire.

This woman has much to say about a world which we are sometimes challenged to access.

She connects with the spirits and the unseen. Come hear Holly share her magical mystical mysteries.

Tuesday August 24th 6pm

Outdoors in the patio of my neighbor High Peaks Kitchen Restaurant

Light snacks and bubbly available





Please reserve your spot by Monday 5pm to ensure that you'll have a chair.

Late RSVPs may have to stand!

Unafraid of the Dark


Shamanic techniques

for navigating in the dark


Featuring Holly Million the Shaman Artist


Globally, we are in a time of widespread chaos. collectively experiencing the classic “dark night of the soul.” You may wonder, how do I protect myself and those I love? You may ask, how do I navigate all of this?


Shamans are intermediaries between the spiritual and material worlds.

Holly Million the Shaman Artist is a professional shaman who has developed techniques that assist her clients in navigating dark passageways on their own journeys. These techniques help people break through limitations, negativity, and heavy karma so they can experience personal power, clarity, and wholeness. By making healing shifts within ourselves, we make larger shifts in the world outside possible. You are the medicine the world needs.


Join us for a conversation with Holly as she shares shamanic techniques

for navigating in the dark. 


Everyone who attends will receive a FREE bottle of estate-grown, white-sage-infused holy water from Holly Wholly Farm and Sanctuary,

Holly’s micro-homestead in Oakland.


Holly Million the Shaman Artist is a professional shaman, artist, herbal medicine-maker, filmmaker, teacher, speaker, and writer. Holly does energy-clearing and shamanic healing on behalf of individuals, land, houses, and businesses. Through her Shamanic Arts Institute, Holly trains emerging shamans and those who want to bring shamanic techniques into their daily lives for pleasure and empowerment. She works with children who are sensitives, helping them to learn how to deal with their abilities so they feel empowered and not frightened. She is also an herbal medicine-maker who creates shamanic tools and herbal products from plants grown with love and reverence at Holly Wholly Farm and Sanctuary, her micro-homestead in Oakland, CA. Holly holds an MA in Education from Stanford University,

 and a BA in English from Harvard University.

For more information, visit hollytheshamanartist.com

Andrea says: I recently had a transcending session with Ms.Holly Million. In my busy world of nuts and bolts practicality of running my own business, coupled with my constant desire and continuing creative efforts, I felt like there was still something missing on the spiritual front. Although I am satisfied with all my aforementioned efforts and achievements, I still felt like I needed to bring in some spiritual connections to places I cannot reach by plane, car or internet.


My 2 hours with her were amazing. What I really love about Holly is that she is VERY OPEN to hearing me, asking me questions and allowing me to ask her. No piousness on her part. Her connections to other worlds and spirits are her visions of her own while driving through my mental landscape. We accessed some areas that were guarded by brick walls of impassable fortitude. Through her summoning her many warrior gods and powerful deities, she helped to chip away at many of my roadblocks.  


I also deeply respect Holly's dedication to education. It's apparent how intelligent she is with both Harvard and Stanford degrees. She does not play a smoke and mirrors game. Her knowledge is learned and earned. Ultimately she opened her tool boxes and shared with me that which was needed. Her name is rightly hers; like a million stars in the universe she shines bright.

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