A Serrahna Earthquake Fundraiser exclusive featuring all of our boots and select rings, earrings, necklaces, and coats to provide relief aid to Turkey.  

* 10% of all Turkish collection sales go towards this relief fund *

In the blink of an eye, the lives of many were turned upside down from the forces of this horrific earthquake. A SERRAHNA EARTHQUAKE FUNDRAISER is a way in which we all can help. As you all have seen the devastation that has occurred, you also may have noticed my recent visit to beautiful Istanbul. A deep and lasting connection was made in my heart, and I feel I have the perfect opportunity to give back. You can NOW make a contribution to the SERRAHNA Turkey Earthquake Relief Fund via the purchase of any item in our Turkish product line*, or a cash donation by choosing the product listed below. My host & friend Feda, who showed me around Istanbul all of last week will be able to disperse the funds without taking a cut of our donations. This fine young man is able to bypass the administration fees that all big name rescue organizations need to run their operations.

Make a place in your heart for Earthquake victims in Türkiye!